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There are many choices for utilities in Spain, with pros and cons to each. Some companies are very local, while others offer countrywide service. There are also bundles with utilities offered together, which can be an attractive option. Trying to get set up can be a nightmare, with plans and options hard to compare. And billing and customer service vary in quality.

Electricity in Spain

Price of Electricity in Spain

Like many countries in the past couple of years, electricity prices have fluctuated a lot. Fortunately, for those living here, Brussels agreed to a price cap in 2022, which instantly brought the prices back down.

Now, prices are more stable (and more reasonable). There are many providers in Spain, some with worthwhile benefits.

We want to help you pay less for your utilities in Spain. So, let’s look at the three top picks for you to choose from.

Recommended Electricity Suppliers in Spain

1. Our Pick: Energy Nordic

Energy Nordic offers green energy at exceptional pricing. Their billing is clear and simple, and customer service is excellent.

From Alastair > We swapped from Endesa to Energy Nordic in 2021. Our bills are lower, and I love the simplicity of the billing. The swap process was so simple – we sent an existing Endesa bill via email, and they did the rest. You can get

2. Iberdrola

Iberdrola has Spain’s second highest market share, with around 1 in 5 households using them. Not only is the price fair, but the supply is stable, and they don’t often have power cuts. But, they work with the supermarket Carrefour to give back to their customers. Sign up for a loyalty card with Carrefour, connect your Iberdrola account, and earn 5% cash back to spend in-store each month.

Some customers can qualify for 15% off for the first year of electricity.

3. Endesa

Endesa claims to have the cheapest electricity prices in Spain – we’re not 100% about this claim! Particularly when customers sign up for tailored-made plans, discounted bills may be offered. We can’t personally verify this, given that a household’s costs will depend on a variety of factors.

However, this claim is quite possibly true, given that Endesa has the largest market share in Spain for electricity (and gas). Given their popularity, Endesa seems to be a default option for many people.

Extra Information >> Save Money

The government legislates discounts for off-peak use. All providers must offer these discounts. So, using a timer for appliances can save you loads. Check your bill or quote for the rates.

Electricity prices are divided into three categories: hora punta (peak time), hora llana (flat time), and hora vale (off-peak time). Hora punta is the most expensive, while hora vale is the cheapest.

  • Peak time: Weekdays – 10 am to 2 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm.
  • Flat time: Weekdays – 8 am to 10 am, 2 pm to 6 pm, and 10 pm to 12 am.
  • Off-peak time: Weekdays – 12 am to 6 am, and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.

So, we run the dishwasher and washing machine in off-peak times only. Both machines have a timer to make this easy. This is from a Nordic bill from February 2023 showing the costs of the different time slots. Our off-peak costs are much lower than our peak usage.

February 2023 Electricity Bill Showing peak vs. off-peak costs.
February 2023 Electricity Bill Showing peak vs. off-peak costs.

Gas in Spain

Price of Gas in Spain

Spain is one of Europe’s largest natural gas consumers. And just like electricity, prices fluctuated greatly in 2021 and 2022. In fact, Europa.eu reported that Spain had the 8th highest price increase in the first half of 2022 out of all EU Member States. This has come down a little, but it’s still higher than pre-pandemic prices.

Recommended Gas Suppliers in Spain

1. Our Pick >> We don’t have a great gas supplier to recommend – if you find one, please let us know!

2. Endesa

As Spain’s largest gas supplier, we have to have them on the list. They offer competitive prices, and because they supply both gas and electricity, you can get a discount for using both.

From Alastair >> We use Endesa and haven’t been able to find a better alternative in spite of some issues. For several bills, Endessa used estimated readings which were (surprise!) much higher than the actual usage. Getting refunds for these overcharges has been difficult.

3. Total Energies

Total Energies supplies gas and electricity, which always makes dealing with your utilities easier. Additionally, they have competitive rates and work in partnership with Carrefour.

If you connect your Total Energies account to your Carrefour account, you’ll earn up t 8% back each month to use in-store. This can go a long way to helping with your monthly grocery bill.

Extra Information

Not every household in Spain has gas pipes. Some homes, especially apartments, use butane gas bottles. You can buy these bottles at more or less all gas stations. Take your empty bottle, swap it for a full one, and pay at the counter.

It’s a simple process, but the bottles weigh around 12.5kg, so take your car with you (or at least another person).

In some small towns are inner-city areas, a gas bottle service will walk around with a trolly load of new bottles. They call out or tap the bottles with a stick to let you know they’re around.

Water in Spain

Price of Water in Spain

Water prices in Spain are quite standard. While they do vary a little depending on your region, the difference isn’t particularly noticeable.

Unlike gas and electricity, which are cheaper in Spain than in many other European countries, the price of water is the same or similar. Depending on your household and usage, you should be paying around €40-50 a month on average.

Recommended Water Suppliers in Spain

Some regions have limited options for water suppliers with little or no choice.

1. Hidraqua

This is a recommendation just because it’s the company I have used for years. Not only have I never had any issues but for a household of two people, my bill has always averaged about €15 a month. An unbeatable price.

2. Aqualia

Aqualia is one of Spain’s largest water providers. Not only are their prices fair, but because they provide water to so many, they have a more stable infrastructure.

Quality of Water in Spain

More than 99% of tap water in Spain is drinkable. But that doesn’t mean it’s always nice. In some areas, you’ll find tap water to have a chalky taste to it. This is easily fixed with a water filter.

In our little town of Sitges, different suburbs have differing water quality as it comes from different supplies. Although all the water is safe to drink, not all tastes great! Everyone we know in the suburb of Vallpineida drinks bottled or filtered water while we happily drink tap water just 2 km away.

Internet In Spain

Price of the Internet in Spain

Like with all places, you’ll need to shop around to get the internet at a good price. Especially if you want mobile phone data included.

Recommended Internet Suppliers in Spain

1. Our Pick >> Movistar

Movistar is one of the largest suppliers in Spain and offers some great deals. As with many telecommunication suppliers, bundling services makes for cheaper pricing. Always check with locals, as services, speed, and reliability can vary by area.

2. Avatel

Avatel is a popular choice in the south of Spain. Their services are available in Andalusia, Murcia, Alicante, Valencia, as well as a few other areas. Their packages include mobile data, calls, and Amazon Prime. Laura, who lives on the Costa Blanca, currently pays €36.99 for WiFi, 50GB of mobile data for two phones, and one year’s Amazon Prime. They also have an English customer service department.

3. Jazztel

While Jazztel doesn’t have English customer service, nor do they offer perks like Amazon or extra TV channels. They do have stable, fast, and cheap internet that is far better than companies like Movistar or Orange.

How to Set up Utilities in Spain

You’ll find the majority of utility suppliers have stores on the street. All you need to do is walk in with your NIE number, ID document, and proof of address. The company will do the rest for you.

Your estate agent can make it even easier for you if you’re happy to stay with whichever supplier the previous tenant was using. Your estate agent will change the personal details on the account and change it to your name.

Green Energy in Spain

According to Ree.es, “Renewable energy sources in Spain accounted for nearly a 47% share of the generation mix nationwide. An all-time high made possible by the increase in electricity production using wind and solar photovoltaic technologies”.

Companies like Energy Nordic make using green energy in Spain easy and cost-effective.

FAQ – Spanish Utilities

Can I use US appliances in Spain?

Spain operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. So, you’ll need a transformer for US electrical devices.

Can I use UK appliances in Spain?

Yes, you can use the vast majority of UK appliances in Spain. Provided you have an adaptor, of course. The only exception is usually UK kettles, as they have 240V. Since Spain operates on 230V, the fuse will overload if you plug it in.

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