Discover the costs involved in your move to Spain.

Moving Budget Planner

Our easy-to-use Relocation Budget Planner gives you a breakdown of the one-off costs you will incur before you move and after you arrive in Spain.

We also include guides and easy quote tools to determine exact costs for your situation.

Are you aware of the one-off expenses that come with a move to Spain?

How much will your visa and residence permit cost?

How much will it cost to send your possessions to Spain and where can you get the best removal quote?

What will it cost to relocate your pets?

What short-term accommodation, deposits, and other housing costs will you incur?

What costs are involved in enrolling your children in school?

What about flights, car hire, insurance, and so much more?

ensure there are no nasty surprise expenses

Get Clarity with our Moving Budget Planner

About the Moving Budget Planner

We’ve used our experience, contacts in Spain, and the opinions of many other Expats to create a comprehensive moving to Spain budget planner. It’ll ensure you have no nasty expense surprises as we did! We cover the costs of the following:

Immigration, visas, and residency

Movers, packing, and storage

Furniture, schools, and appliances

Short-term rentals and accommodation deposits

And loads more!

Our easy guides, recommended suppliers, and links to information make gathering this information super simple.

I was worried that I wasn’t across the cost of us moving from the UK to Malaga.  The budget planner reminded me of a few things I hadn’t thought of.  I was also able to get quotes from reliable sources through Moving to Spain.

-Katy Hopper

How to use the Moving Budget Planner

We are retiring to Spain, and everyone asked us how we could afford to do that. It was a worry until I used the Cost of the Living calculator, as now I know we will be just fine. 
Looking forward to our new life in Alicante.

– Anne Sullivan