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Discover the costs involved in your move to Spain.

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Your budget planner is organized into easy-to-manage sections. Get more information on each expense through the handy links.

Get real quotes and accurate costs using our recommended and researched resources to finalize your budget.

I’ve been dreaming about this move for years, but I never knew exactly how much it would cost. Thanks to the planner, I was able to factor in everything from the cost of shipping my belongings to finding a new home and even budgeting for unexpected expenses. I have to say, it was a bit eye-opening to see just how much this move is going to cost me, but it’s worth it.

– Rupert B

I’d always known that moving to Spain would require a lot of planning and financial preparation, but I never realized just how much goes into it until now. The Budget Planner helped me break down all of the expenses, from visas and transportation to housing and utilities and gave me a realistic idea of what I could expect to spend.

– Sharon S

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