Moving to Spain Checklist

Moving to Spain can be a complex process, with many decisions to make and a significant amount of paperwork to complete. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin.

That’s why we’ve created a detailed online interactive checklist specifically designed to make your move seamless and stress-free.

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Stop stressing and get organized

You know you need to get a visa, find a new home and pack up your possessions. You must also find schools for the kids and relocate your beloved pet. But what else have you yet to think about?

It can be overwhelming!

Let’s face it, the administration and organization needed to move countries is not fun.  The faster, most effective, and cheaper way to get it all done means you get to enjoy your new life and the sunny weather in Spain sooner! That is the sole aim of our essential moving to Spain checklist.

Enjoy a hassle-free move with our unique interactive checklist

Having helped numerous individuals and families move to Spain, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive checklist covering all the essential tasks.

Your Personal Moving checklist is available online and accessible from anywhere.

Expert guides and resources explain each step of your relocation journey.

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Add your own to-dos for a fully personalized, stress-free experience.

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We want to get you settled in Spain much faster!

When we moved to Spain eight years ago, we learned that the relocation process and the first three months are tough for expats. Spanish red tape and bureaucracy are famously bad, and things are even more challenging if your Spanish is not great.

We had no help or guidance and couldn’t find websites we could trust. We had to ask other expats and overpaid for bad service from lawyers. We were stressed out and made mistakes along the way that we don’t want you to make.

This is why we have created this online checklist for you. Our aim is to have you feeling fully organized and in control. If you don’t understand something, you have quick links in the checklist to guide you to getting the information you need.

This is your personal roadmap to your new stress-free life in Spain!

Happy moving!

What do we cover in the Checklist?

Doing your Research

Before moving to Spain, it is important to do thorough research to ensure a smooth transition. This includes learning about the country’s culture, customs, and language. It is also recommended to research different regions and cities to determine which would be the best fit for your lifestyle and needs. Use of cost of living calculator to compare cities.

Apps and Tools

Through our extensive research and experience, we share our list of favorite apps and tools that will help with the move and be used every day of your life in Spain. We also share Facebook groups, online forums, and other communities to help you thrive.

Decide where you want to live and find a property

First, you must decide on a city, town, and suburb. We help you make this decision by looking at cost of living, average rent prices, different neighborhoods, and lifestyle factors.

Secondly, you must decide whether to rent or buy a property. Short-term rentals like furnished apartments are great for the first few weeks. It gives you time to find a long-term rental or purchase a property. We have great resources to help you find accommodation regardless of your chosen area.

Arrange your Spanish visa.

Do you need a visa to live in Spain? You will need a Spanish visa if you come from a non-EU country. Need help to know which visa is the best one for you? No problem – we will take you through all the visa types – the student visa, work permit, retirement visa, visa for a self-employed person, and more.

Whether you decide to get help with your application or do it yourself at your closest Spanish embassy, our checklist will guide you.

Sort out your health insurance

Private health insurance is essential for an Expat in Spain for your residency and peace of mind. However, public healthcare is also available in specific scenarios, such as if you are an EU citizen with a European Health Insurance Health Card.

We help you understand your needs and can recommend a private health insurance provider that best suits you and your family.

Start looking for a job

Finding a job in Spain can be challenging, but several resources are available to help you in your search. The job market varies from place to place. You will find more international companies in the major cities with English-speaking opportunities.

If you want to live in coastal regions and smaller towns, then the job market is limited. You would need to work remotely, be self-employed or have a good level of Spanish and work in the tourism industry.

Spanish Education

Will your children attend a Spanish public school, or will they go to one of the many high-quality private schools? We can help you with this key decision and also help you choose between the many International schools available should you decide to go this way.

Arrange your pet’s move to Spain

Making sure that your furry best friend is relocated to Spain in the most comfortable way possible is vital. We also help you understand the necessary vaccines and paperwork that is required for them to enter Spain.

Sort out your finances

Successfully managing your finances and avoiding unexpected costs is vital for a smooth transition. Although budgeting, banking, insurance, and your tax return and structure may seem overwhelming at first, there’s no need to worry. Our checklist and guides will provide the explanation and assistance that you need.

Based on our extensive research, we recommend the best bank services with the lowest bank charges. You will need a Spanish bank account, but other banking services are very useful too. Such as saving when you transfer money by using recommended online money transfer platforms.


Get quotes from our top five relocation companies to move your possessions to Spain.

Run through the other items involved in the relocation, such as booking flights, storage, packing, subscriptions, mail forwarding at the post office, and getting an international driving permit.

We separate the lists into those things that you need to plan ahead of time, up to six months ahead, and those that can be done just before you leave.

Settling into Spain

Once you land in Spain you will need to sort out a bit of admin like registering your address, making social security contributions, and registering for tax. We can walk you through this.

If you are from a non-EU country (except the UK), you must start studying for your Spanish driving licence. Your driving license from your home country is invalid after six months of residency. EU and UK residents can swap their valid license for a Spanish one.
We can also help you become accustomed to Spanish culture and help you to improve your Spanish language skills.

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