School Search Service

Finding the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make when you move to Spain. There are so many different schools on offer that it can be hard to decide which is the best fit for your child.

Sinead and Anya are experts on the schools and school systems in their cities and will make this challenging process much simpler for you!

How will a School Search Service help you?

We know that no child is exactly the same as another; therefore, not every school will suit your child. As parents ourselves, choosing a school was one of the most stressful things when we moved to Spain. If you would like to make the school search process less painful, our team of experts can help.

They will take your family’s specific needs and priorities into account when identifying a short list of schools.

You will get an insider’s viewpoint on the different curriculums, education styles, and possibilities available to your child.

You will get an unbiased opinion on the best schools for your children. They are entirely independent and don´t take commissions from schools.

You will learn and get a good understanding of the difference between public, international, and other school systems.

They can arrange visits to the schools, communicate with the Education department on your behalf, and provide you with tips on what to ask when you visit.

You can get support throughout the application process, such as documentation and accompanying you on visits.

“Sinéad’was of tremendous help. Madrid is a fantastic big capital city with variety of schools for children. Only insider knowledge, understanding experience of other children could help to choose the right one. Sinéad carefully listened to our requirements, spoke with my daughter and quite quickly provided us with the “short list” and arranged for visits. One school was a perfect match. Then she assisted with all procedures at school (applications, etc), made sure my daughter is enrolled, etc. So, highly recommended for everyone who is looking for a great school in Madrid for their children!”
– Alisa Melkonian (See on Google)

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“Anya helped us navigate the many schooling options for our children as we prepared to move to Barcelona. It would have been impossible to acquire this level of information without going to Barcelona ourselves and taking a week to explore the schools, which wasn’t possible during the pandemic and would have been difficult even in “normal” times. Anya helped us narrow our search and gave us peace of mind that was priceless as foreigners moving to a new country.”– Audrey S