Make your move as seamless and stress free as possible

Relocation Package

Because we understand that every situation is unique we offer a personalized approach to your move. Get a video consultation with our team of handpicked experts on immigration, tax, financial planning, foreign exchange and more.

Get healthcare and moving quotes and access to our online checklist, budget planner, and cost-of-living calculator.

Let Alison and Alastair guide you through your relocation with a one hour coaching session and email support.

What you get from the Relocation Packages

A 30-minute consultation with our immigration partners who will give you clear guidance on your best visa or residency options, along with a quote to help with the entire process.

An hour with our tax advisor to clarify your tax obligations and explore strategies for efficient financial structuring.

Coaching with either Alison or Alastair to address your questions and share our insider tips and tricks.

Guidance on strategic financial steps to take before, during, and after your move to Spain to safeguard your finances.

Receive up to five competitive quotes from top moving companies servicing your current area. Most clients save up to 40% using our tool.

Up to three Private Healthcare Quotes from our recommended Insurers with MtS discounts applied.

Full access to our Online Interactive Checklist, your personalized step by step move planner.

A consultation with a Foreign Exchange broker to explain the most cost effective and risk free way of moving your money to Spain.

Gain insights into how your cost of living in Spain compares to your current expenses with our Cost of Living Calculator.

Detailed clarity on your one off moving expenses using our Moving Budget Planner.

“Moving to Spain is a superior service for help and advice. The information is practical and actionable. Plus, their sources are vetted. We have retained the immigration lawyers they recommended to guide us through the process. We have consulted with the tax advisor they recommend. And we have been working with a Spain medical insurance company they presented. Every interaction with them, as well as the personal responses we have received from Alison and Alastair, add up to a productive, stress-free process. The website and its services deliver superior value. If you are going to move to Spain or conducting research about such a move- work with them. You will be very pleased.”

Eugene (USA)

Meet our team of Experts.

Get a highly personalized service from us and our experienced partners when it suits you. We give you access to their calendars, and you choose when you want to meet them.

We have meticulously selected each partner for their service provision and fair pricing. We also ask every client that uses them for feedback to ensure continuous excellent service.  

Private coaching with either Alison or Alastair

Moving abroad is exciting! Exhilarating! Full of possibilities for adventure and fulfillment!  However, it can also be terrifying, and there are a lot of decisions to make and things to plan. We have moved countries many times so we get it!

From experience, we know that a conversation with someone in the know can make all the difference. Our private coaching service is here for you to ask us anything regarding your move to Spain. Learn more About Us here

A 30-minute consultation with Raquel and her team

Raquel and her team will take the time to understand your situation and recommend the best visa or residency route for you.  They will also outline the steps you need to take if you want to apply on your own, or they can give you a quote to help you through the process. We have sent hundreds of people to Raquel and her team and get excellent feedback on their service.

A 60-minute Tax and Accounting consultation with our Spanish partner, Louis

Louis is experienced in international tax law and has a deep knowledge of Spanish Tax and Accounting procedures. In this consultation, Louis will help you understand your tax obligations in Spain as well as recommend the best way to structure your finances to be tax efficient. Louis is an expert in Spanish tax and finance as well as across UK and USA tax laws.

A 30-minute Financial Planning consultation with Nicole Sandler (non-US Citizens)

Nicole is a financial adviser based in Spain. She will help you understand the transition process of what to do before, during, and after the move to Spain to protect your financial position.
Her expertise includes cross-border financial advice, tax planning, investment advice, pension transfer advice, and estate planning.

A 30-minute Financial Planning consultation with Alex Ingram (US Citizens)

Alex is a Chartered MCSI and US Financial Advisor living in Europe and helping clients build financial plans and investment portfolios to enable them to have a sustainable financial life in Europe and achieve peace of mind. Alex can help you with tax optimization strategies (for both the US and your home country systems), port3olio management, fee-based financial planning, and retirement planning.

A 30-minute consultation with Dean Biddulph on Moving your Money to Spain

Dean offers a safe, secure, and cost-effective foreign exchange service, delivering personalized and tailored support to our clients. His aim is to simplify the money transfer process, ensuring it is stress-free while saving you money. He provides peace of mind with the assurance that your funds are being transferred safely and efficiently.

“I purchased the full package and i’m so thankful I did. Not only do they provide all the information you need to make your journey abroad but they have professionals there to help through the process. They were able to answer all my questions and even provided information I didn’t know I needed. I’m so thankful for this resource helping me efficiently plan my move and relieving so much stress.”

– Sarah Coles (UK)

Tools to make your planning easy!

Get access to all of our unique tools when you purchase the Planning Package.

Lady using the Interactive Checklist

Interactive Checklist 

There is so much to consider when planning a move abroad. It can be pretty overwhelming! Our online Interactive Checklist covers your move step-by-step.

Immigration, visas, and residency

Financial planning

Choosing a city and finding a home.

Finding a School

Planning for Work

Relocating your Pet and your possessions

Paperwork when you land

Use the Checklist on your phone, tablet, or desktop. It is always available wherever you are!

Man getting Spain HEalcare Quotes on his phone

Health Insurance Quote Tool

Chances are very high that you will need Private Health Insurance when you move to Spain.

We’ve spoken to brokers, polled Expats and friends, and used insurance companies ourselves to decide on which Insurers we recommend.

You will receive quotes from two leading health insurers in Spain, allowing you to compare their offerings. Rest assured that all the quotes provided will fulfill your visa requirements. Additionally, we have successfully negotiated discounts and special terms with these insurers exclusively for our clients, eliminating the need for you to undertake this task yourself.

A couple looking at the cost of living calculator on a mac

Cost of Living Calculator  

Using our detailed research, we have created this clever tool. Answer a few questions, and our calculator will give you a high-level idea of your monthly budget to live the life you dreamed of in Spain.  

Change your answers to see the impact on your cost of living, such as

Where will you live?

What size house/apartment will you rent?

How many people will you live with?

How often will you eat out?

How much travel will you do?

International or local schools?

Budget planner on mac

Moving Budget Planner

If you haven’t moved to Spain before, you are probably wondering what one-off costs you will incur. The moving budget planner is a detailed spreadsheet that walks you through these expenses. We’ll also show you how to get accurately personalized quotes and how to choose between the quotes you received. We cover:

Immigration, visas, and residency

Movers, packing, and storage

Furniture, schools, and appliances

Short-term rentals and accommodation deposits

And Loads More!

Trust the advice and recommended partners from Moving to Spain! My husband and I are currently in the process of immigrating to Spain and applying for our Non-Lucrative Visas. We are following every step and using every partner suggested by Moving to Spain and the process is smooth and easy to understand. All information shared by Moving to Spain is current and up-to-date.”

elissa mullis-heil

How does the package work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some of the services are individually available on our Services and Tools page.

We are pretty confident that you will be happy with the service from our partners and the tools.  So confident that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy, please email us and let us know your feedback.

Yes, they all speak perfect English.