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Spain Cost Of Living Calculator

Can you afford the lifestyle you dream about in Spain?  What size house can you live in, and which city or town will meet your budget?

Our cost of living calculator allows you to directly compare the costs of living in one area against another. We help you understand how far your money can go in each place.

Do You Understand The True Cost Of Living For You And Your Family In Spain?

What is the difference in rent between Barcelona, Madrid, or Valencia? Can you afford a house or an apartment?

Will you put your money towards holidays, school fees, or entertainment (or all three!)

What are the monthly bills you will pay? Can you afford a cleaner to free up your time?

Easily compare your current spending and see how much you’ll save in Spain.

Stop worrying about your finances

Get Clarity With Our Cost of Living Calculator

Our data is updated each quarter, so you can confidently estimate your expenses.

About The Cost Of Living Calculator

Many of our clients ask us how much annual income they need to live in Spain. The answer is complex.

Where will you live?

What size house/apartment will you rent?

How many people will you live with?

How often will you eat out?

How much travel will you do?

International or local schools?

Using our detailed research, we have created this clever tool. Answer a few questions, and our calculator will give you a high-level idea of how much money you need to live the life you dreamed of in Spain.  

It allows you to change lifestyle factors to increase or decrease your cost of living. We will also guide you to additional resources to finalize your personalized cost-of-living budget.

It was a headache trying to understand the actual cost of living in Spain.  When I came across this calculator, I jumped at buying it.  It has saved me so much time.

James Nambitt

We Learned The Hard Way…

When we moved to Spain, we felt lost and had no idea how much we should pay for things.  As a result, we got charged over the odds for our immigration lawyer, accountant, and health insurance. Expenses kept popping up out of nowhere, making me frustrated and annoyed.  If you expect an expense, you can plan for it, and it doesn’t annoy you.

The first few months were a blur when we arrived in Spain from Australia. Prices were so different from home, and with an exchange rate in the mix, it took us a while to get a handle on our spending.

Embarrassingly, I remember telling my friend back in Australia how cheap my son’s international school was – only € 2,000 a year! That ended up being the one-off capital fee – it costs a lot more than that!

We eventually knuckled down and made a monthly budget which was the very start of this calculator.

While the cost of living calculator won’t be able to model your life precisely, it will give you a real jump forward in your research and planning efforts. It will also help you make BIG decisions, such as where to live in Spain for your desired lifestyle.

This tool will make your move to Spain easier!

Happy planning! – Alison

We are retiring to Spain, and everyone asked us how we could afford to do that. It was a worry until I used the Cost of the Living calculator, as now I know we will be just fine. 
Looking forward to our new life in Alicante.

Anne Sullivan

How To Use The Cost Of Living Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Our data comes from many sources. Rental prices come from Idealista’s database. Idealista is the top real estate site in Spain. We’ve used crowdsourced cost-of-living comparisons and our own experiences. We’ve pulled data from government websites and interviewed Expats around Spain.

Finally, we asked Expats living in Spain to test the calculator and compare the estimates to their experience. The feedback was that our cost of living calculator is very close to their lived experience.

Cost of living refers to the amount of money needed to sustain a certain standard of living in a particular location. It includes expenses such as housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and taxes. The cost of living can vary greatly between cities and regions, and it is influenced by factors such as the local economy, job market, and availability of resources. Understanding the cost of living is important when considering where to live or work, as it affects one’s purchasing power and overall quality of life.

The tool covers the following expenses:

  • Housing
  • Groceries
  • Utilities
  • Mobile Phone and Internet costs
  • Health Expenses
  • Banking
  • Insurances
  • Entertainment
  • Leisure
  • Transport
  • Schools
  • Pet Expenses
  • Clothing
  • Other expenses

You can also add any other personal expenses to the tool that we do not cover.

In this version of the tool, we cover Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and the rest of Spain.

We are adding detailed costs for other cities and towns all the time. If you purchase the tool, you will have access to any updated versions as they are released.

We think you will love our tool. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee If it is not what you were hoping for, please email us, and, just tell us what went wrong, and we’ll refund you immediately.