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Need Private Health Insurance in Spain?

Unsure which company will provide the services you need at a reasonable price? We constantly evaluate the healthcare industry and only recommend those that we believe are the best.

Use our handy tool to get no-obligation quotes from our choice of Spain’s top health insurance companies.

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Chances are you will need Spanish private health care if you are moving to Spain.

Navigating the complexities of the Spanish healthcare system can be a bit overwhelming at first. Do you need answers to the following questions?

What policy will be acceptable for our visas?

Which companies are recommended by other Expats?

Which company has sufficient coverage in the area I will live in?

How much will private healthcare cost?

Are there companies that provide policy documents, websites, and communication available in English?

What policy options and coverage is available?

Let us make this process much easier for you. Fill out one form and get quality quotes to compare

I would just like to thank you for your website and information included in it. We were giving up all hope of getting health insurance as we both have pre existing conditions. We were able to use your healthcare tool to get a quote which accepted our pre existing conditions and for this I am really appreciative. We are now able to move forward with our dream of relocating to Tenerife. I just can’t thank you enough.

– Joanne W

Which health insurers do we recommend?

We’ve spoken to brokers, polled Expats and friends, and used insurance companies ourselves. Our top three insurers are ASSSA, DKV, and Asisa.

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These companies meet our strict requirements:

They have policies that qualify for digital nomad visas, student visas, golden visas, non-lucrative visas, and other immigration options that require medical insurance in Spain.

We know people who use these health insurers and are happy with them.

Policy documentation and communication are available in English.

A wide range of exceptional primary care and specialist healthcare providers.

Worldwide travel coverage.

Very Helpful! Especially the Health Insurance Tool. I now have three quotes and am trying to decide between them. It is good to know that you have already done the research to ensure that they are all good quality companies. Thank you!

– Zona M

Which health insurance company is best for you?

DKV Logo 400 x 120

DKV offers policies up to the age of 99 years

Travel Assistance up to 180 days, €20,000 per year

Pre-existing conditions can be covered (for an increased premium)

Comprehensive dental coverage

More comprehensive coverage in general, however, means that it can be more expensive.


ASSSA Offers policies up to the age of 79.

Travel Assistance for up to 90 consecutive days up to €15,000

Some pre-existing conditions are not covered in the policy.

Your premium is for life.  That means it will not increase – EVER!

Your policy will not be canceled due to illness, age, or high usage, which happens with other companies.

Often the cheapest, ASSSA offers two months free and a 4% discount on selected policies for our clients.

Asisa Logo

ASISA offers policies up to the age of 65.

Travel assistance up to 90 days, €12,000 per year

Pre-existing conditions can be covered (for an increased premium)

Dental coverage

The tool to get Spain Healthcare quotes was excellent. I received two quotes that perfectly aligned with our criteria. The agents were wonderful to work with, and I plan to organize the healthcare coverage once we have finalized our move to Spain date.

Helen H

FAQ – Spain Health Insurance Cost and Quotes

To get a health insurance quote, you typically need to provide your age, current health status, any pre-existing conditions, the type of coverage you are looking for, and the number of people to be covered. You should also tell the insurance company where you plan to live in Spain. These are the main factors that impact the cost of your private health insurance in Spain.

Our partners almost always have quotes out within 1 business day of you submitting the quote request; however, obtaining a health insurance quote can take several days, depending on the insurance company and the complexity of your health needs.

Yes, one of our partners offers health insurance policies that cover pre-existing conditions, although these may come with higher Spanish private health insurance costs. Note that exceptions for pre-existing conditions make policies ineligible for Spanish visa and residency applications.

Yes, one of our partners offers Spanish private health insurance policies for Over 75s, although these may come with higher premiums than younger applicants.

The cost of health insurance is influenced by age, health status, the scope of coverage, deductibles and co-pays, the number of family members included, and any discounts or special offers.

All our partners are experienced in working with the Spanish immigration department to meet visa requirements. You must ensure your health insurance policy for a Spanish visa application is fully comprehensive, with no co-payments or exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and issued by an authorized Spanish insurance company.