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Up to Five Moving Quotes.

Access to our Online Checklist to guide you through every step of your move.

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“We have been navigating a move to Spain for the last year and we have found Moving to Spain’ to be a reliable source of information from visas to shipping and health insurance to Spanish tax. All the pieces have slotted nicely in place ready for our move in the next two weeks. The partners have been great and the recommended professionals and services have been super useful for us. I will be signed up for a long time to keep up with up to date information. A fantastic resource”

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Hi, we are Alastair & Alison.

We are serial Expats and have lived in six countries on four continents. We have called Barcelona our home since 2015.

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We know how wonderful life can be in Spain; however, we also understand the stress of planning and moving to another country. We especially appreciate how much harder it is if your Spanish is not brilliant and you don’t know how to get through the famous Spanish bureaucracy. Emigrating to Spain starts with knowing, “I want to move to Spain,” but it doesn’t end there!

We have made it our mission to help people like you. We have developed guides that are easy to understand, an interactive checklist and tools to make the planning more manageable, and a partner network you can depend on to help!

Your visa is important, be it a student visa, investor visa, or golden visa – but there is much more to your move. Whether you are moving to Spain from the USA, the UK, or elsewhere in the world, we have you covered. And we’ll help with getting settled, permanent residency, and even Spanish citizenship and a Spanish passport.

“Trust the advice and recommended partners from Moving to Spain! My husband and I are currently in the process of immigrating to Spain and applying for our Non-Lucrative Visas. We are following every step and using every partner suggested by Moving to Spain and the process is smooth and easy to understand. All information shared by Moving to Spain is current and up-to-date.”

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Living In Spain

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Spain Cost of Living Calculator

Can you afford the lifestyle you want in Spain? What size house can you live in, and which town or city can you afford?

Our clever tool estimates your monthly budget when living in Spain. It takes into account various factors such as housing, transportation, groceries, and entertainment. Play around with the inputs to see the impact on your budget.

Moving to Spain – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In our experience, most people moving to Spain should take these steps in this order.

  1. Find out if you can qualify for a Long-Term Spanish Visa.
  2. Confirm that you can get Spanish Private Health Insurance.
  3. Choose a place to live in Spain.
  4. Budget your new cost-of-living and see if you can afford to live in Spain.

You can use our comprehensive Moving to Spain Checklist for a step-by-step guide from planning to your arrival and beyond.

You should understand the legal requirements for residency in Spain, the cost of living, and the cultural differences you might encounter. It’s also important to consider the climate, healthcare system, and the job market if you plan to work.

Most people can move to Spain, but the requirements vary greatly depending on your nationality and the purpose of your move (e.g., work, retirement, studying). Explore various visa options on our Spain Visa Types page.

Yes, EU citizens can live and work in Spain without a visa but must register as residents if they stay longer than three months. Detailed information is available on our Spain Residency for EU Citizens page.

Yes, most of our clients are from the US, and American citizens move to Spain for various reasons, such as work, retirement, or study. US citizens need the appropriate visa and a residence permit. Check all the details in our guide to moving to Spain from the US.

We’ve found that while moving to Spain without speaking Spanish is possible, learning the language enhances your experience and community integration. Having some basic Spanish is almost always essential for transactions and daily interactions. In our experience, Spanish people are patient and kind when we mess up their language—trying is always rewarded! For resources on learning Spanish, visit our Best Ways to Learn Spanish page.

The amount of money you need depends on your lifestyle, the city you choose to live in, and whether you plan to rent or buy property. Living large in Barcelona costs much more than a simple life in a Galician town. Some things are cheaper in Spain than in the US or UK (like eating out and domestic help), while others (gas and electronics) can be more expensive. To get an estimate and plan your budget, utilize our Spain Cost of Living Calculator. You may also need income or savings to qualify for some Spanish Visa types, and we recommend putting money aside for one-off relocation costs.