Are You Moving To Spain? We’re Here To Make It Easier.

We know how daunting a move abroad can be. We have done it six times! And Spain brings a new complicated dimension with language challenges and its famous red tape.

Do you have these questions about your move to Spain?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

What are all the things that I need to do and when should I start?

What visa or residence permit should I apply for?

Which healthcare company is the best for me?

Can I afford an excellent lifestyle in Spain?

Which town or city should I choose?

How do I get a job in Spain?

We are here to make your move to Spain hassle-free

Hi, we are Alastair & Alison.

We moved to Spain in 2015 to take a year off from corporate life in Australia. It was just a short-term break from our big corporate jobs. Spain had other ideas for us, however, and here we are, still in Spain, almost a decade later. We instantly fell in love with the Spanish culture and laid-back lifestyle and found many like-minded people around us. We also love hopping on a plane and being in another European city in a couple of hours.

But there was another side to our experience – we hit frustration, confusion, and stress in moving, as we had done the other six times we had moved abroad. And so we started a website called Where Can I Live to help make the process easier for people worldwide.

Through Where Can I Live, we helped hundreds of people move to Spain (and thousands more to countries around the globe). And as we spoke to our clients about their experiences, it was clear we could help even more using our knowledge, connections, and experience in Spain.

The Where Can I Live clients moving to Spain kept saying the same thing, “Your service is awesome, but we need more help and we have more questions!”

So, we jumped right in. We asked all our clients and Expat friends three questions:

What were the biggest challenges you faced when you moved to Spain?

What would have helped make your move to Spain easier?

What tools, services, or support would have helped you?

The items on the top of that list are on this website today. And more guides, products, tools, services, and partners will be coming to help you long after you’ve moved to your new life in Spain.

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I came in Madrid to find an apartment but me not knowing Spanish, Angelica helped a lot with the communication between landlords. We worked together to find a suitable place, Angelica made the calls and accompanied me at the viewing, checked the contract, and was also with me during the day of signing the contract. Highly recommended.
– Stephanie

What you will get here

Honest, clear, and up-to-date information and videos on all aspects of moving to and living in Spain.

Tools to make the process clear and straightforward, like our Moving to Spain interactive checklist!

Information based on our own experiences and those of other Expats. We also use our partners and government organizations to ensure that our advice and information on laws and policies is up-to-date.

Personal recommendations on services, products, and tools we have used or used by friends and fellow Expats.

Financial tools to help you understand your budget and cost of living.

A partner network that has been pre-vetted by us and continuously assessed by clients just like you.

So there you have it – everything we would have loved when we moved to Spain!

So, are you ready to make your move to Spain easier?

The first thing we recommend is to start using our step-by-step online interactive checklist. We explain each step of your relocation journey and include links to more detailed guides and tools.

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