Make Planning your move easy

Now that you know you are moving to Spain, it is time to make it happen!

Planning a move abroad can be overwhelming.  There are so many things to keep track of and to do. Don’t stress – our interactive checklist will make your move to Spain much more manageable! Each step has detailed guidance to keep you stress-free throughout your move.

Step 1

Visa and Healthcare

Get started on your visa and healthcare applications – these two things go hand-in-hand.

Visa Guides

Our up to date and clear visa guides will help you understand all of the visa options and choose the best one for you and your family. We explain the application process and requirements for all the visas and residency permits.

Get your Visa and Residency

After reading our visa guides, are you still unsure about the best visa route for you and your family?  Does the thought of dealing with Spanish bureaucracy make you stressed?

Raquel and her team can help you!

We’ve sent hundreds of clients to Raquel and her team from this and our sister site. We ask every client for feedback, and it is consistently excellent.

As a Moving To Spain client, enjoy a 12% discount on your first consultation!

Private Health Insurance

Finding the right health insurance at a reasonable price is essential for your visa as well as peace of mind.  But where do you start?

We have done the research and negotiation for you

Use our handy tool to get quotes from top health insurance companies in Spain.

We make it easy: ONE form – TWO quotes
Step 2


Having control over your finances in Spain is essential for a smooth transition. Understanding new banking, insurance, and tax systems may initially feel overwhelming, but there’s no need to panic. Our straightforward guides will walk you through everything step by step, ensuring clarity and understanding. Additionally, we have unique tools and carefully selected experts who are readily available to offer advice and support, ensuring you have the assistance you need.

Structuring your finances to minimize your tax

Are you confused by all the different tax laws in Spain? Do you want to understand your tax obligations and opportunities?

If you want clarity on your situation and advice on how best to structure your finances, we recommend you consult Louis.  

In a 60-minute consultation, Louis will give clear guidance on the best tax strategy and structure for you, your family, and your business.

Understanding your cost of living

Using our detailed research, we have created this clever tool. Answer a few questions, and our calculator will give you a high-level idea of how much money you need to live the life you dreamed of in Spain.  

Change cities and lifestyle factors to see the impact on your monthly budget. We also link to guides and tools for each expense and help you to reduce your costs.

Understand your relocation costs.

Embarking on your first move to Spain can be overwhelming, especially when understanding and managing the various one-time expenses associated with relocation.

That’s why we have created a user-friendly Moving Budget Planner exclusively for you. With this tool, you will have complete control over your relocation budget, ensuring that no costs catch you off guard. In addition to the budget planner, we provide comprehensive guides and easy-to-use quote tools to offer you complete clarity throughout the process.

Step 3


Finding a house or apartment to make your home is crucial to your happiness when living in Spain. Let us guide you through short-term and long-term rentals, as well as buying in Spain, and more.

Search for Housing Companies

Many companies in Spain specialize in helping you buy or rent a home, but researching to find a company to trust takes a lot of work.

Our housing directory lists only companies that have been used and recommended to us by friends or Expats that we know.

We don’t just add anyone to the directory so that you can be sure of excellent service and fair pricing.

Step 4


Once you have decided where to live, you need to choose a school for your children.  In our case, we did it the other way around and chose to live close to the school we liked. Our resources below will help you with this important decision’

How to choose the best education for your child

In Spain, you’ll discover an incredible array of schools that cater to various educational needs. From three to sixteen, schooling is compulsory, ensuring a solid foundation for learning.

What sets Spain apart is the diverse range of schooling options available, including public schools, semi-private institutions, and international schools that offer instruction in multiple languages.

Spain International School Directories

Explore the wide range of International schools in Spain in our directories below. Filter by location, curriculum, language, and the schooling stage of your children.

International Schools in Barcelona

International Schools in Madrid

International Schools in Valencia

Step 5


Finally, the thing that takes a lot of effort is planning the actual movement of your pets, family, and belongings from your old country to the new.  Here are some resources and tools to make it easier for you.