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Private Relocation Coaching

Moving to Spain is exciting! However, it can also be overwhelming. There is so much to learn and so many decisions to make.

The good news is that we are here to guide and support you. Get direct access to us through a one-off private coaching session or our more extensive coaching package.

Does Planning Your Move to Spain Feel Overwhelming?

You have read loads online, but the information is conflicting, and you still have many questions.

You need to make serious decisions, such as where you will live, housing, and schools, but don’t feel prepared.

You need a plan, but where do you start and what are all the things you haven´t thought about?

Your situation is not straightforward. You need advice from someone who has seen many different scenarios.

“Very knowledgeable about moving to Spain”

“We had a great video consultation with Alastair. Very friendly and knowledgeable about moving to Spain and answered all of our questions. I would definitely recommend speaking to them if you are considering a move.” – David Skogg

Our Private Coaching Services

Option 1: 30 minute Session

For those that have a few specific questions that need answering as well as a chance to discuss any doubts or concerns that you may have.

We will send a follow-up email with a summary of our session and any resources that may help you,

Option 2: 60 minute Session

This longer meeting allows us to explore in detail any general questions that you may have as well as help you with decision making. If there is time, we will share our tips and advice on the most common queries that we get asked about Moving to Spain.

We will send a follow-up email with a summary of our session and any resources that may help you,

Option 3: Relocation Full Support

The 60 minute private Coaching session as well as unlimited email support until you have arrived in Spain.

Let us support you through your relocation

Before moving to Spain in 2015, we moved countries five times. We understand how stressful a move abroad can be and are experts at Moving to Spain! A relocation coaching session or package with us will mean your nagging questions are answered quickly. We can also help you work through those big decisions so that you can start enjoying your new life in beautiful Spain!

What are some of the subjects that we can cover?

Visa options and information.

Relocation tasks and the cost of relocation

How to choose where to live.

Things to look out for – idiosyncracies, taxes, fees

Moving your belongings – what should you take with you, what should you leave behind?

What is it like to be an expat in Spain? Ask us anything about the lifestyle.

How you plan your move to make it as stress-free as possible.

Choosing the best healthcare and what healthcare is like in general.

Choosing the best schools

Pet Relocation

The cost of living in Spain vs where you live

Settling in and connecting with the community

And loads more!

Ready to Make Your Move to Spain Easier?