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Do you want the insider guide to the Best Valencia Neighborhoods in 2024? I interviewed our Valencia Real Estate Expert for a guided tour of one of the best-ranked cities for Expats in Europe. Living in Valencia offers you the best of the Spanish Mediterranean lifestyle and culture with a cost of living lower than most comparable European cities. But which part of Valencia is best for you to make your new home?

Note: Valencian is an official language of Valencia, and many suburbs have different names in Valencian and Castellano Spanish. Where the names are different, we’ve used the Valencian name in bold, and the Spanish name bracketed in (italics). Be aware that suburbs can be called by their Valencian name, their Spanish name, or both. A suburb is barriada in Valencian or (bario) in Spanish.

Best Valencia Neighborhoods for Families

Valencia’s family-friendly neighborhoods blend safety, educational excellence, and abundant recreational activities. Discover the mix of community spirit and child-centric amenities that make these Valencia neighborhoods ideal for family living.

Suburb #1 La Cañada: Just 20 minutes from Valencia, this green suburb offers a relaxed lifestyle surrounded by old pine trees. It is conveniently connected to the city by metro and has well-developed infrastructure, including sports clubs, supermarkets, and schools. These amenities allow you to combine an outdoor lifestyle with an urban touch. There is a good selection of pre-owned value-for-money properties, including spacious houses and modern villas with a price range of €250,000 – €2,500,000 depending on size, internal and external features, etc. 

The pretty train station at La Cañada, one of the Best Valencia Neighborhoods for families.
The pretty train station at La Cañada

Suburb #2 Torrent (Torrente​​). This satellite Valencia suburb, just a 10-minute drive west, is conveniently located next to international schools and sports clubs and has everything to enjoy a comfortable, idyllic life. You can walk or bike through the greenery of the town of Torrent, with its well-developed infrastructure. Prices range from €100,000 – €200,000 euros for a ready-to-move apartment in Torrent town and €150,000 – €1,300,000 for a house in urban areas.

A Spanish-style house in Torrent with lovely views of the Mediterranean.
A Spanish-style house in Torrent with lovely views of the Mediterranean.

Suburb #3 Ciudad de las Artes. This area is ideally located just in front of the Science Museum, Hemispheric, and Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts for city-loving families. This modern neighborhood has it all regarding child entertainment – museums, expositions, Turia River Park installations, private and public outdoor activities, and food and retail venues. Its proximity to public and private schools and sports installations will suit both children and parents. Prices start from €350,000 for 2-3 bedroom apartments.

A beautiful apartment in Ciudad de las Artes with views over the museums.
A beautiful apartment in Ciudad de las Artes with views over the museums.

Suburb #4 Nou Campanar (Nuevo Campanar). On the other side of the city, at the northern end of Turia River Park, Nou Campanar is a newly built neighborhood offering various apartments and condominiums. Most have swimming pools and common areas, pricing from €300,000 for 2-3 bedrooms. Along with Ciudad de las Artes, this modern neighborhood provides the most desired family residences close to international schools, sports installations, shopping centers, Bioparc, and many more. 

The lush green views from apartments in Nou Campanar.
The lush green views from apartments in Nou Campanar.

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Best Valencia Neighborhoods for Expat Retirees

Here are our top Places for Expat retirees in Valencia, where accessibility and healthcare meet cultural charm. This section highlights neighborhoods perfect for retirees who prioritize easy access to medical facilities, convenient living, and a thriving expat community amidst Valencia’s vibrant culture.

  1. Some towns (pueblos) to the south from Valencia on the way to Alicante are easily connected by metro or public bus with the capital of the Comunidad. Surrounded by oranges, tangerines, persimmons, and other local crops, Alginet, Tavernes de la Valldigna, and Catadau are typical of magical Valencian towns. They all offer developed infrastructure, public transport, and rich cultural heritage. Many retirees opt for detached houses in suburbs or towns 40-50 min from Valencia Airport (VLC), where they can fully enjoy the country lifestyle in just 5 minutes from a city and keep busy in their spacious houses. There is a wide variety of properties, from authentic townhouses priced at €60,000 to enormous villas priced at €250,000.
  2. Many local retirees choose to retire closer to Valencia, which can be an excellent option for Expats. Suburbs such as Puçol (Puzol), Rocafort, and Xirivella (Chirivella) are connected mainly by public transport to central Valencia. Those comfortable neighborhoods have supermarkets, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and community event venues with dancing and theater performances within walking distance. This area’s quickly moving real estate market, with flats from €100,000 to €200,000, attracts investors and owner/occupiers.

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Best Valencia Neighborhoods for Americans

Find out the areas of Valencia that are most popular with American Expats. And what are the features that attract those moving to Spain from the US to these neighborhoods?

  1. Suburb #1 L’Eliana (La Eliana). Comparative proximity to the city, international schools, and a significant Expat community all come together. Spacious properties attract Americans to a mix of country and urban styles, with shopping malls, small town centers, well-developed infrastructure, and public transport availability. Play a tennis match on Saturday morning, followed by BBQ in your neighbor’s house, sip a coffee in a small coffee shop, or chill out in your garden while your children are biking with friends. Flats in L-Eliana town range from €140,000 to €300,000, while house prices can vary from €250,000 to €2,700,000 euros.
  2. Suburb #2 Mas Camarena: Just 5 minutes from L’eliana, Mas Camarena has similar features and a quality selection of semi-detached properties pricing €330,000 – €450,000 with shared pool and common areas. The suburb is close to the Valencia Tennis Academy and the 4-star Mas Camarena resort.  

Highlighting popular neighborhoods among Americans, Avenida Francia (Avenida de Francia) remains a top destination for Americans because of its spacious streets, closeness to the park, sports events, and variety of American goods in various shops. It is one of the most prestigious Valencian suburbs, starting from €480,000 for a three-bedroom apartment.

A triple story house in LÉliana that is typical of the area.  Spacious with a pool, law, and palm trees.
A house in L’Eliana that is typical of the area. Spacious with a pool and close to international schools

Vibrant Student Neighbourhoods in Valencia

We pinpoint the most student-friendly neighborhoods, where lively ambiance, affordability, and proximity to transport merge to create the perfect environment for student life in this dynamic city.

  1. Suburb #1 La Carrasca: Proximity to the University of Valencia, young demographics, social life, and affordability make this neighborhood the #1 destination for students from all over the world. The many shared apartments and rented rooms near the university allow a comfortable adaptation period for all newcomers and local students. The selling price for properties is €200 000 – €350 000.
  2. Suburb #2 Burjassot (Burjasot): Along with La Carrasco, the University area in Burjassot has more affordable pricing for students renting in a place with young demographics, sports installations, and proximity to the city. 

In both neighborhoods, landlords offer a significant supply of student rooms in areas next to universities, close to other international students and the campus.

Ideal Areas for Young Professionals in Valencia

Young professionals looking for modern living spaces in Valencia and being close to the action can start exploring some of the best Valencia neighborhoods.

  1. Suburb #1 Russafa (Ruzafa ): Has been popular for a while in young professional communities, both local and international, where cafes, small stores, and co-working spaces provide youthful professional vibes and social and working connections. Emphasizing the contrasting character of Valencia, this centric neighborhood offers properties from €150,000 to €1,500,000. 
  2. Suburb #2 Camins al Grau (Caminos al Grao): Along with Rusafa, Camins al Grau has many office and co-working spaces, so well taken advantage of by up-scale neighbors of Avenida Francia and Penya-Roja (Peña Roja) while still being affordable at €200,000 – €300,000. This suburb is unique and close to Turia Park to have a break and eat under the trees during your lunch break. 

While some Expats choose peaceful neighborhoods in the longer term, many opt for dynamic and vivid spots for their first property in Valencia. Ruzafa, El Carmen, and Gran Via are famous for their nightlife, cafes, and proximity to business districts.

Best Value Neighborhoods in Valencia

Join us in exploring neighborhoods in Valencia that offer the best value for money.

  1. Suburb #1 Malilla: Along with Campanar, the Malilla and Saler shopping areas are the newest neighborhood with distinctive modern skyscrapers, comparatively affordable €350,000 for three bedrooms, compared to the posh neighborhood of Avenida Francia. It is close to Ciudad de las Artes and gives a modern vibe, combining comfortable common spaces, sustainability, and dynamic style.
  2. Suburb #2 Benicalap is one of the new build areas. While still one of the last released projects, this neighborhood offers modern living condominiums with a pool and common area, within minutes of downtown and on a very good budget, starting at €270,000 for 2-3 bedrooms.

Valencia still has many developer opportunities, and new areas are opening up. La Punta has been one of the residential hidden gems. Located just between the beach and Ciudad de Las Artes, these modern newly built residences deliver outstanding value for investors and developers.

Ciudad de las Artes from across the lake, very close to Malilla, seen as one of the Best Valencia suburbs for value.
Ciudad de las Artes, very close to Malilla

Best Valencia Suburbs for Luxury Living

What about the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods, where stunning architecture meets an unparalleled lifestyle? We showcase areas renowned for their high-end homes and amenities.

  1. Suburb #1 Los Monasterios and Alfinach in Puzol: Located on the mountain of Sierra Calderona, next to international and local private schools, these two neighborhoods proudly contain huge houses, classic style and highly modern, exclusive sports clubs, safety, and security. House prices range from €400,000 for semi-detached houses to €3,600,000 for magnificent unique villas.
  2. Suburb #2 Rocafort: Just 10 minutes from Valencia, this upscale suburb offers unbelievable houses with vast plots of land, 100-year-old trees, privacy, and exclusiveness – but prices can reach €5,000,000. Private international schools and country lifestyles attract both young families and wealthy international retirees.

Along with country luxury, upscale areas in Valencia blend exclusive architecture, enormous, well-maintained parks, luxury stores, and high-quality residences. Fantastic views, spacious interiors, and classic or modern styles are the main features of Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Mercado Colon, and Gran Via residences, where the price per square meter can reach €11,000.

Need Help Choosing Your Perfect Valencian Neighborhood?

Doing your homework before you dive into buying or renting a home in Spain is super important, and here’s why: The housing scene here can be a bit of a maze, with prices, rules, and what’s available changing from one place to another. You want to make sure you’re not caught off guard by hidden costs or legal surprises. Our informative guides will make sure you avoid all the pitfalls.

Our local expert, Tanya Sharoglazova, is waiting for your call. Book an appointment with Tanya to get your guided tour of the best Valencian neighborhoods today.

Tanya Sharoglazova - Valencia Real Estate Expert
Tanya Sharoglazova


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