Founded in 2020, Barcelona High School (BHS) is a non-traditional, flexible, one of a kind international American school in Barcelona. BHS is the only international and American school in the heart of Barcelona city. BHS is the first school in the world created for students for the post-Covid era. A world where flexibility is valued over one-size-fits-all education, and social life, mental health and emotional well-being are just as important as academics in school for teenagers to reach their full potential.

While BHS uses the American school education system, it is the international school in Barcelona for the global community. Accordingly, BHS is the most international school in Europe, as no nationality is larger than 20% of the student body. Also, BHS is the only school in Barcelona that has English immersion and English Foundation Year programs for non-native English speakers. While also offering intensive Spanish courses for non-Spanish speakers to develop cultural integration within Spain. For these reasons and more, BHS is one of the fastest growing schools in Europe.

“Not only a superior educational and cultural experience for our daughter, but a truly caring and nurturing environment, as well. A welcoming, diverse, and accepting home for parents and siblings, in addition. BHS has truly been an enriching and meaningful contributor to our family.”

BHS lives by the promise and original mission to help teenagers excel not only academically, but socially and psychologically as well.

BHS is a welcoming and dynamic new-age school for the post-Covid era that focuses on student-centered learning through a revolutionary education approach called the BHS Method, rather than using the old-fashioned “one-size-fits-all” teaching methodology that unbelievably still exists today in other schools.

BHS is revolutionizing education by teaching students that the path to success is by finding their true strengths and continually learning from failure to find solutions to problems. Unlike traditional schools that still believe in the out-dated teaching model designed for children in the industrial age nearly 300 years ago that defines success simply by how well students can memorize answers to tests in one chance versus trial and error.
Instead of being located outside the city like the other international and American schools in Barcelona, BHS is centrally located in the heart of Barcelona, in the bohemian neighborhood of Gracia with perfect access to all modes of public transportation.

While BHS has a small student-teacher ratio, the school consists of different campuses, like a university, which makes the BHS student experience the most unique in the world.

​The learning spaces are open and dynamic, and students are encouraged from different grade levels and nationalities to interact and ask questions in class which leads to an incredible blend of ideas and perspectives.
  • Ski Week
  • Art
  • Music
  • Field Trips
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football (Soccer)
  • BHS Tennis Cup

The mental health and emotional well-being of BHS students is very important.

Accordingly, BHS has health and wellness professionals at school to ensure that students have an outlet to discuss issues that may be causing harm to their mental health and to help provide solutions if necessary.

From its ​one of a kind student-centered learning pedagogy known as the BHS Method, BHS transforms teenagers by helping them find their inner confidence not only academically, but equally in their social life and psychologically as well. You can learn more about the BHS Method here –

“A unique school with a new and innovative approach to education. Creating a creative atmosphere among students. Particular attention is paid to the socialization of students. It is a rare example when students enjoy attending school. The school provides comprehensive support to students involved in sports. Our gratitude to the school management.”

“It’s a wonderful school! My daughter for the first time in years is super happy to go to school every day. She’s self motivated, studies, and has become responsible for her own grades and performance. Amanda and her team are fantastic. The kids feel loved and free. And those are the two best things gifts we can give to our youngsters these days. I love BHS and I would highly recommend it!”