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Angelica from Relocation Angels

Angelica Miller

Madrid is a beautiful city to live in; however, choosing a neighborhood and finding a suitable property at a reasonable price can be challenging. Angelica is originally from Peru but has lived in Madrid for a long time. She has deep knowledge and real estate connections throughout Madrid and is a native Spanish speaker. Angelica will make the home-finding process stress-free for you and your family.

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Languages Spoken:

  • English
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  • Spanish

What does Angelicas rental search service include?

Advocating for the Renters interests, saving time and stress.

She will listen to you and ask questions to ensure she understands what property and neighbourhood you need.

Shortlist a number of properties depending on your budget and area and other requirements.

Make bookings with the agents as necessary to arrange visits

Accompany you as the translator or use a videocall to show the property and area to you from abroad.

Review the draft rental contract and make recommendations.

Accompany you when you get the keys to the property and ensure that everything is in order.

I came in Madrid to find an apartment but not knowing Spanish, Angelica helped a lot with the communication between landlords. We worked together to find a suitable place, Angelica made the calls and accompanied me at the viewing, checked the contract, and was also with me during the day of signing the contract. Highly recommended.
– Stephanie

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